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Tuesday, December 30, 2014

NOTA DE FALECIMENTO: Lydia Wilke Howard descansou

A nossa querida missionaria, Lydia Wilke Howard, 107 anos de idade, foi promovida à gloria ontem, 29. Ela, que chegou em Cabo Verde no longinquo ano de 1949, foi enfermeira e exerceu seu ministerio, particularmente, na ilha do Fogo. À semelhança de todos os outros missionarios, a D. Lydia levou Cabo Verde no coraçao, como bem atesta este seu email de ha uns anos: 
"Dear Brother Jose', 
You really made me cry today, but they were lagrimas de saudade. They really were tears of joy, as I read of the advancement of God's kingdom in Cabo Verde. This was true especially of Santa Catarina and area, and Fogo, the places where I spent the most time. 
I remember difficulties that I had in Fogo, especially with one who did not want me there. He said that my car would never land on Fogo. It didn't! I remember the trips Sr. Alvaro, Isaura and I as we walked to Pentiado, and the next 2 villages, where I treated the sick and we had Sunday School, even though it wasn't Sunday. What memories! And how different now! 
There is so much more: pictures that I was so happy to see. But now, what do I do? I don't know anything about blog, or how to enter it. Is there a charge? I don't care to speak, I only want to get the news from you, and to RETAIN IT. and how to respond to you. I actually received it several days ago but I'm not at all sure this will go through. The teacher that I've had has moved away, and the new one is on Christmas vacation. 
You are doing a wonderful work. May the Lord Give Cabo Verde and each one of you a wonderful New Year.
Yours in our Saviors love,
Lydia Wilke Howard"
Cabo Verde é grato a todos os missionarios que, desde a primeira hora, deixaram o conforto, para estar com o nosso povo. A vossa coroa está reservada.

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